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Dental Cleanings & Exams Phoenix, AZ

Young woman with a beautiful smile When it comes to your oral health, what do you suppose is the most important factors? We have always been taught that brushing and flossing makes a big difference in our oral health, maybe that’s it. Regulating the foods that you eat and staying away from overly acidic and sugary foods can probably do your mouth a favor. Let’s not forget coming into our office and having a regular checkup, that’s a vital part of giving your teeth that full makeover that they deserve.

In reality, all of the above is critical to our teeth, and none of it should be ignored. You control your oral hygiene, but once every six months you should come into Stephanie K. Dentistry so that we can make sure you get a thorough cleaning and examination.

Digital X-Rays

A routine visit to Stephanie K. Dentistry starts with an X-ray about 50% of the time. We only need to take one set of X-rays per year, per patient. Remember, we recommend coming in for a checkup at least twice per year.

Digital X-rays offer us a tremendous advantage over traditional X-rays in many ways. For starters, digital X-rays used one-fifth the amount of radiation that traditional X-rays use. This cuts down the exposure to radiation so much that it’s considered negligible. Additional benefits include being able to skip the X-ray development process entirely by viewing your X-rays on a computer monitor seconds after they have been taken. Because they are digital, these new X-rays can be viewed in much the same way as digital photographs. We can even share them with you to help you better understand what’s going on in your mouth.

Professional Dental Cleanings

The second portion of your visit to our office will include a professional cleaning of your teeth. Everyone tries their best to keep their teeth clean with normal brushing and flossing, but even the most dedicated can miss some of the harder to reach areas of their mouth. That’s where we come in! We have special tools and the advantage of being able to look into your mouth while we clean. This allows us to remove any built-up plaque or tartar in places where you may have missed it.

One of the more impressive tools that we use to give your teeth a fresh lease on health is the ultrasonic scaler. It uses ultrasonic vibrations to break up bacterial residue that builds up on your teeth. It uses water, or a cleaning solution to help rinse these particles off of your teeth.

Professional Examinations

The final stage of your checkup will be the examination. We will go over every detail of your teeth, checking for signs of decay of damage. Further steps will be taken to check for other oral illnesses such as gum disease, oral cancer, and cysts. If we find anything, we can do an on-the-spot diagnosis and even build you a treatment plan.

Please call us today at (602) 789-3799 to schedule your appointment.
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