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Dental Crown Phoenix, AZ

Dental crowns can repair and protect your teeth at Premier Valley Dental Repair and Protect your Teeth with Durable Crowns from Premier Valley Dental!

It can be very difficult living with a smile that you are unhappy with. Broken teeth can be displeasing to the eye, as well as result in bad overall oral health. Walking through life with a damaged or incomplete smile is never easy to do, and the entire Phoenix, AZ dental team at Premier Valley Dental wants to make sure you have a smile that is complete, beautiful, and flawless.

If you have a broken or significantly damaged tooth, the entire Premier Valley Dental team will be able to fix your smile back to new! Dr. Schwei uses a variety of crowns to repair teeth, all of which are incredibly effective. A crown covers a broken tooth, and is also known as a dental cap because of the way it caps over the existing tooth structure. A crown is able to protect an already damaged tooth from any further harm, allowing the natural tooth to heal and be sheltered.

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The type of crown that Dr. Schwei will recommend will depend on your individual needs and preferences, but you can definitely rest assured your results will be amazing. If you are interested in maintaining your bright and beautiful smile, Dr. Schwei will recommend an all-ceramic crown. We will communicate with you to determine what your best option will be.

One of the great things about crowns is the fact that it does two jobs in one! Crowns are able to protect your teeth from wear and tear, while also making your smile look as natural as possible. Dr. Schwei, as well as the entire Premier Valley Dental team, is here to make sure your smile is the best is has ever been, and we hope to deliver that to you! If you are curious as to how Dr. Schwei can help protect your smile using crowns, make an appointment today!
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